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Friday, October 5, 2012

One Month Down !!!

Hola Familia,

I hope everything is going well. Things are great here and they are only getting better. I cant believe I've only been here a month. It seems like forever. But on the bright side, I only have 23 more months to go!!

Things are going great. I'm learning a lot about how to teach and Spanish. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I am getting so good at Spanish that my English is getting bad. My teachers keep telling me that I'm progressing really well and that I'll become a great missionary. They even compared me to the two nerdest missionaries in my district. It was a huge confidence booster. 

You asked where everyone in my district is going. My companion and I are the only ones going to Costa Rica. Three are going to Louisiana and two are going to Chile. All Spanish speaking. There is a guy in my zone that is going to Tempe, AZ Spanish speaking. I told him he should go speak Spanish with Nana & Tata.

I got a package this week from Nana & Tata. It was good. I love treats and they sent me a card. I wrote them back in only Spanish.  Hopefully they get it. I finally finished that box of candy you guys sent me. I had to bring it to class every day to get rid of it. My Mexican teacher looked like a orphan from Nacho Libre when they got a real salad. He had the biggest smile on his face every time I brought candy to class. He compared you guys to the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors in Alma 56:27. It was pretty funny. I got your cakes and already ate one. The same day I got the cakes, my companion got a package of 150 homemade cookies. Our room has become the sweets room and everyone comes by for snacks. We are comapred to Willy Wonka. I also got the photo albums. I love them and it is great to have pictures of my family and friends. 

It sounds like the girls are doing great. Kylie is still dominating soccer and school. Tell Kylie that Mrs. Darin remembers me because I'm a legend at Sycamore. Kendal is doing muy bueno en Espanol. Es muy importante que ella estudie muy duro para Espanol. Despues de mi mision yo quiero hablar con Kendal solamente en Espanol. Este es su meta. Sabe espanol antes de que regrese de mi mision. Hopefully she understood that. It also sounds like she has things for boys now. Who is this Mason guy? Do I have to kill him? Kendal is too young to have boy issues. They still have cooties. It sounds like you guys are getting ready for Halloween. I already have my costume picked out for the next two years. I bet you cant figure it out. 

Things are good here. I really love the firesides and devotionals. After the firesides, we get to watch church movies or talks. Last week I watched a talk given by Elder Bednar at an MTC devotional on Christmas. It was called "Character of Christ" and was amazing. I totally recommend watching it if you can find it. It was an amazing talk. We got a new investigator we are teaching from Mexico. He is a fun investigattor. He is easy but loves to tell stories. 

We get bored sometimes around here and meal times we talk about stupid things. This week we had a debate on whether or not you could swim in jello. It was so big that our whole zone got involved and even all the teachers on our floor got involved. It was pretty funny. It lasted a couple days. We try to play pranks on people. The most common prank is hiding is someones closet. It can be pretty funny sometimes. 

I run into Porter a lot. I like talking to him. And I've been talking to the trainers that work during gym time. They give me updates on BYU sports. One of them was my trainer from baseball and he gives he updates on football cause he works with them now. So he told me about the Boise game yesterday. It was funny. He was telling me that the defense is really good and the offense has problems. Mason ( Elder Marshall) left this week. So it is just me and Hutch left from the baseball team. I ran into Stephen Wells ( from the BYU Team) at the temple this morning. It was great seeing him. 

I was wondering if mom could tell me her conversion stroy. I think it would be cool to know and could maybe help me with my investigators. Just kinda explain your experience. And also I was wondering if you could send up my paperback BOM from school up. It had some good notes in it that I could use. That is about it. So yep. I love the letters and packages. Please keep sending them. 

Elder Keysor

I have pictures to send you but I cant get it to work right now so ill try again later.