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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hola - Semana 8 - One Week to Go!

Hola familia,

Sorry I didn't send you guys an email yesterday. They changed our schedule this week and I didn't know about it until Thursday. So I wasn't able to email you guys to tell you. Hopefully you didn't freak out. We had an "Infield Orientation" yesterday so we have our P-day today instead. Next week will be regular schedule so I will email on Friday. 

This week has been crazy. It all started with Conference last weekend. I sent you guys a letter in the mail about it on Saturday. It sounds like you havent gotten it yet or I sent it wrong,  I dont know. But I will give you a summary of what happened in the letter. Conference was crazy and one of the best experiences here in the MTC. When the announcement was made about missionary work, everyone started cheering. You would have thought BYU won the BCS Championship. It was crazy!!! Everyone is so excited about this change and they are already talking about the changes it will have on the MTC. I think it is a great decision and especially a great one for the sisters. I think they will have a lot more immature elders though. But it is the Lords work and I'm pretty sure he wont make any mistakes in his work. Conference was great. It was the first time I was able to stay awake the whole time. I think it was because I was in the MTC. All the talks were great. They all seemed to have something that I could learn from them. My favorites would have to be Elder Holland and Elder Robert C Gay. They were very interesting to me. After conference, we had a Sunday night devotional. I didn't think it could get any better after conference but Chad Lewis, the Mormon NFL player from the Phildelphia Eagles spoke. It was amazing!! It was amazing to here how his mission affected his life. He had great stories. He told us that Troy Palumaleu from the Steelers has a younger brother on a mission right now. I was totally shocked by this. He also said that Troy is totally supportive and thinks it is a great thing that his brother is doing. It was cool to hear how professional athletes are really supportive of missionary work and think it is a great thing. It got me really excited for the field. 

Well that was just the weekend. For our Tuesday night devotional we had an amazing speaker. Elder David A Bednar came and spoke. Everyone was so excited and he gave a great talk. He didn't really give a talk but gave more of a workshop. He taught us how he studies talks from conference. It was amazing to hear how an apostle of God studies religious things. He taught us to look for 3 things - the doctrine, the invitation, and the blessings. The doctrine is what is being taught. The Invitation is what the apostles or prophet is inviting us to do and how can we do this in our own lives. The blessings are what can we receive from this. It was great and very simple to understand. It is definitely something I am going to do in my studies. It was just amazing to see an apostle speak in person and learn something from him,  it was incredible. He also talked about the new mission rules. He said that said that D&C 88:73 (i think) is the reason why they did it. He also said that with this decision, it is our responsability to rise up as missionaries. There is a huge emphasis on missionary work and we are the new generation of missionaries. It was amazing to hear him talk about the importance we have as missionaries during these days. 

I was also a host this week for new missionaries and my companion and I were selected to be example missionaries to help demonstrate how to teach investigators. There were 6 companionships choosen out of the whole MTC and we were one of them. It was a great experience and in that experience we got to meet some of the missionaries from those District videos we had to watch before our missions. It was great talking to them and they gave great advice and helpful comments for us on our missions. Infield Orientation was fun and they just did different workshops to help us get prepared for the field. It was all day from 8:15 am to 9:15 pm. It was long, but a lot of fun.

I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!! I leave on Oct 22 at 12:55 am. It is crazy. I took pictures of the plans and I will send them to you. The only issue is that I can't email you until next Friday if I need anything. Can you ask Porter what classroom he teaches in? That way if I need something I can tell him instead of waiting to see him. Let me know so that I can tell you guys what I need before I leave. That is, if I need anything. 

So Kylie and Kendal are great. Happy Birthday Kylie. I wish I could have been there with you guys. I wanted to see that movie that Kylie and her friends went to see. Kendal continua practicando espanol. Espanol es una idioma muy bonita. Trabaja dura para aprender espanol. Habla con Nana y Tata en enspanol y su maestra. Ella puede ayudarle. Dont get discouraged when you struggle in Spanish. Imagine being a missionary here on your first day and not knowing any Spanish at all. You walk in and your teacher is only speaking Spanish. It is scary and a lot of missionaries have a hard time with it. You get to learn Spanish at a younger age and at a lot slower pace. People need to learn Spanish here in 9 weeks or else they are going to struggle in the field. Just work hard and pray. The gift of tongues is real. How do you think missionaries are able to learn a new language. They pray at least 20 times a day for the gift of tongues. Work hard and pray the Lord will bless you with a way to help you understand.  

So that joke I sent is a joke that only works in Spanish.You couldn't figure it out because you had Sam help you. Just kidding. Tell her "Hi" and don't do anything stupid and stay away from boys. That goes for you too Kendal.  I'll repeat the joke and give your the exact translation of the question in English. "Que hace el pez cuando esta aburrido?" I added some to the joke to help you guys translate in better. The translation is: what does the fish do when it is bored?" The answer is "NADA" If you still can't figure it out, you guys are ridiculous. Tell Kendal's teacher the joke. I can guarantee you that she will find it funny. The joke only works in Spanish not  at all in English. Bueno suerte! I have another joke for you guys. This one is in English. "What do you call a mexican baptism? ................ "A bean dip" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. It is one of my favorite jokes here at the MTC. It is pretty racist though. 

Well my time is up. My time here at the MTC is almost up too. I leave next Sunday!! I love you guys a lot and miss you everyday. But I cant wait to go out to Costa Rica. I'm so excited. Thank you for all the support you guys give me. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone else is doing great. I miss everyone but the people here are great. I have made some many friends here. It is amazing. They are all great and are friendships that will last after the mission too. Thanks again for everything you do for me. Love you guys.

Elder Keysor

Elders Lewis, Woodland and Keysor - All grew up in Danville 1st ward

One of the Missionaries on our floor got a pumpkin to carve.

Carving the pumpkin