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Monday, October 29, 2012

First Week in Costa Rica !!


There is so much that I want to tell you but I only have a small amount of time and I have to pay for the amount of time I am on the computer. I am emailing you guys from a Internet cafe in San Jose. But I first want to tell you that I love it here. It is beautiful here and so much fun. The people are amazing here. Everyone is so nice and they understand what I am trying to tell them in Spanish. It is great. They are amazed that I already know so much and I have only been here for a few days. I tried to read your letters you had sent me but I don´t have too much time and I know who guys want to hear how everything is going. So I will try to tell you guys everything. Sorry if I don´t say everything. There is so much to say in so little time. 

To start off, my mission pres is great. He is a great guy and his family is great too. He is really nice and during my interview he said he expects a lot from me because of baseball and that sports help people to focus on the little details. He also wants me to play catch with him and his son when I have time. The first day we stayed at the mission home and the following day I found out who my companion was. My companion is Elder Siddoway. It is funny because I had met him before the mission. He is really good friends with Mason ( BYU teammate) and he hung out with me and Mason at BYU. So it was really funny when our mission pres said we were companions. He is a gringo like me but knows a lot of Spanish and has been very successful in our area. So I am learning a lot about the language and how to teach. Plus it is fun because we knew each other before the mission. 

We live in a town called San Rafael. Our area is called Ojo de Agua. It is a area that has been growing a lot and because of that they recently split the area into two parts. So there are now sister missionaries that have one half and we have the other. The sister missionaries are great and hard workers. They are Sister Stone from Provo and Sister Villa from Mexico. Our half is pretty much a new area because there are only two members in our whole area. So we are pretty much opening a new area. It is hard and it is such a big area and we have to walk everywhere. It would take us about 2 hours to walk our area from one end to another. Plus it is all hills. So my legs are dead by the end of the day. Sometimes we will take the bus to get to places but we don't have a lot of money and it is more efficient to walk. We live in the back of a members house. It is nice because the member will usually make us breakfast in the morning. The only thing that is not great is that we sometimes don't have hot water to shower. They don´t have water heaters here. They just have electric wires that connect from the wall to the nozzle. So there is some technique to getting hot water. I didn´t know this until 3 days into my mission so I had to shower with ice cold water for the first 3 days. It was horrible. We also have a cook. Our cook is great. She cooks us lunch everyday and also washes our clothes twice a week. It is amazing. The food here is the same for every meal - rice and beans - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only difference is they will sometimes put eggs in the rice for breakfast. The juice is great here and everything is so sweet. I love it. We usually wont eat breakfast or dinner so we can keep working so I'm not getting too fat. But I still need to workout in the mornings.

The people are great here. Everyone is so nice. They are always willing to talk to us. The problem is that the directions are horrible here. The addresses for the houses go like this: 200 meters from the bar turn right then there will be a dead dog turn right go 50 m and there will be a fried chicken restaurant then go another 50 meters and turn left at the big tree and it is the green house on the left. It is almost impossible to find anything here. So finding investigators is really hard. But that is just how Costa Rica is. They also have funny ways to call people. They call their wife "gorda" and their girlfriends "gordita". And it is considered polite. It is so weird. A quick funny story is that one of our investigators gave me some cake after our visit and then we went to a members house. And I told them the I had "caca" in my backpack. Well "caca" translates to poop. I meant to say "queque" which means cake. So the member looked at me funny and my companion laughed at me. It was funny but they sound the same when spoken so I mixed them up. Oops, but oh well. 

My birthday on Friday was amazing. Our cook and the sister missionaries set up a small surprise party for me during lunch. It was really sweet. We had cake and everything. Everyone here thinks that I am 25 years old. Just because gringos are huge compared to Ticos (that is what someone from Costa Rica is called). So they were really surprised to hear that I'm only 19. The rest of the day was a lot of walking and teaching. But at night, I opened up my packages you guys sent me which was really nice. I cried when I read all those letters from family and friends. Thank you so much. I wish I could tell everyone individually thank you. It was the best birthday ever. Thank you so much for making my birthday so special.  Besides that, my birthday was great. Thanks again for making it so special. I also wrote a letter to Nana for her birthday so I will be sending it soon. 

The kids here just play soccer, it is huge. For mutual the ward just plays soccer. It is great because the church has a huge field that everyone can play on. There are a few kids that live next to us that play baseball everyday. They play with rocks as bases and they carved a bat out of a stick and use a stress ball as a baseball. It was cool cause they asked us to play with them the other day. So we played for a few minutes and now they want to play with us everyday. Their parents are cool about it to. So we are going to try and teach their family as well. The members are great and always willing to help the missionaries. We are always teaching lessons with the members. That is the goal in this area, it is to get the members involved. 

I don't know what else to say. I hope that is enough for now. I will try to send some photos. Love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Hope everything is great. And go Giants! That is so cool that they won. The bishop here told me about it. He speaks pretty good English.  Well adios or as they say here - "Pura Vida"

Love ya,
Elder Keysor

My group first day in Costa Rica at Costa Rica Temple

Me and the Mission President and his wife ( President and Sister Wilkinson)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Final Days in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) - Leaving for Costa Rica

Hola Mi Familia,

How's it going? I can't believe I am already going to be leaving the MTC. It seems like just yesterday when you guys dropped me off here. I like being a host for the new missionaries. I was able to host again this week. It is fun but it is also really sad to see people saying goodbye. I hate seeing the families cry, especially the moms. I have to be the "bad guy" too and tell them that they need to stop and leave their son. It is really hard to do and I hate it. Besides that this week has been great. 

Things have been crazy trying to prepare to leave. I am buying all the stuff I need and going to start packing today. Elder Pace and Elder Hampton are both on my flight. It is going to be fun and I dont think I am going to be able to sleep. Vamos a ver. The Spanish is coming along great. It isn't perfect, but it I know enough to survive in the mission. I am finishing teaching all our investigators here. I am going to send you guys pictures and one of them will be with one of my investigators. 

I met another baseball player this week. I was hosting a new missionary and someone came up to me and asked me if I played for BYU. He happened to play for UVU. His name was Elder Moon, I think. But it was cool talking to him about baseball. Also, one of my friends here at the MTC knows Travis Selland. He was talking about this great missionary he had back home and he kept saying Elder Selland. So I asked him if it was Travis and he said it was. The missionary's name is Elder Cameron Johnston. He only had great things to say about Travis and said that he was a great example of what a missionary should be like. So I thought that was cool and maybe you guys could tell the Selland family. 

So the service people here must hate me, want to humble me or just want me to do gross service. I have had to clean toilets twice and clean drains twice. In the MTC, I thought toilets was bad especially with what the food does to peoples stomaches here. But drains is by far the worst. I almost puked. We have to clean out the drains in all the showers. We have to go and scrub out all the hair and junk in the drains with a toothbrush and then pull out the rest with our hands. You wouldn't think it is that bad because Elders have to have short hair. But it is really gross. There is so much hair. I don't know where it comes from. The worst part is that you smell like moldy hair all day long. So yeah, I have had to clean poop off of toilet seats and hair out of drains. It is really gross.

It sounds like everyone is doing great at home. I am going to miss Halloween. You guys need to send me a picture of the graveyard. I see that Kendal and Kylie are doing well in school. Kendal please send me stuff in Spanish. I know it is hard but it is a great way to practice. Kylie don't kill anyone in soccer. I saw those pictures and it looks a little rough. Just have fun. By the way I didn't understand Kylie's joke. And I can't believe you didn't think my fish joke was funny. You guys are total "gringos". But the Mexican joke is great. It is one of my favorites. I got your package with the PEZ and birthday present. I love the PEZ dispenser and it is so cool that it glows in the dark. Don't worry I haven't opened the birthday present yet. I can't believe you guys watched the Katy Perry movie without me. I love that movie :-). I'm going to have to watch it when I get back from my mission. The only movies we watch during our free time are mormon messages and whatever is on They have some good stuff. When you have time watch the Phone Call. It is a featured film on It is amazing. It doesn't relate much to missionary work but it was a funny movie. It is everyones favorite movie here and one that every missionary needs to watch sometime in the MTC. Dad, you should show it next time you teach seminary. 

I am jealous of Chase Miller. That is going to be crazy and an amazing experience.  Elder Lewis and I were talking the other day about how lucky he is. This week we had Elder Shayne M Bowen of the 70 speak to us. He spoke in conference. He was really good and talked about the importance of planning, finding, and staying obedient. Also he talked about how the mission doesn't end after 2 years. It is a lifetime thing. It was really good. It is cool to here these people talk in person. 

I'm glad Porter reached you. I ran into him the other day. I am glad that you guys got his message. I should be fine with everything else. I am probably going to need more money after tomorrow. Just check it. I have to get a haircut later today - sorry mom, it is a requirement before I leave. I am planning on calling home in Salt Lake and again in Georgia. So heads up with that. I will send my SD card home later today. So be looking for that also. Besides that I should be good.

It is crazy to see everyone leaving. Two people from our district already left for Chile. An Elder left this week for Tempe, AZ. I gave him Nana and Tata's address. I felt like it was the right thing to do. So we will see if he actually visits them. I just hope that Nana and Tata will open the door for them because I am doing the same thing in Costa Rica. Besides that it seems like saying goodbye for school again. It is sad but everyone knows that it is for a good thing. 

Next time I talk to you guys I will be in an airport heading to Costa Rica!!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. But I know that I am doing the right thing and the Lord will bless me for that. I miss you guys and love you too. ADIOS!!!!

Les amo,
Elder Keysor

Some friends I have made here.  from left to right: Elder Smith (going to Tuscon, AZ) Elder Bird (going to Chile) Elder Willis (going to Nicaragua) Elder Hampton ( My Comp)  Me,  Elder Newman (going to Fort Worth, TX) Elder Johnston (going to Chile, also the one that knows Travis) Elder Brown (going to Chile, military guy who makes me work out.

My roommates.   They just left to Peru MTC. They are going to Bolivia. Elder Knight and Elder Merrill with Elder Hampton and Me.
Elder Rice ( going to Mexico, knows Brooke Hamilton), Me,  Elder Murphey (Tempe AZ gave him Nana and tata's address) and Elder Newman (Fort Worth TX) 
My district again with one of our teachers

This is our practice investigator Jorge. He is from Mexico. He really isn't an investigator. He is an "actor" so his job to to pretend to be an investigator. He is really good at his job.  We work with him over the weeks we are here in the MTC.  

 I don't know if you can tell, but this is my first attempt at sewing. The hem came out so I tried to fix it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hola - Semana 8 - One Week to Go!

Hola familia,

Sorry I didn't send you guys an email yesterday. They changed our schedule this week and I didn't know about it until Thursday. So I wasn't able to email you guys to tell you. Hopefully you didn't freak out. We had an "Infield Orientation" yesterday so we have our P-day today instead. Next week will be regular schedule so I will email on Friday. 

This week has been crazy. It all started with Conference last weekend. I sent you guys a letter in the mail about it on Saturday. It sounds like you havent gotten it yet or I sent it wrong,  I dont know. But I will give you a summary of what happened in the letter. Conference was crazy and one of the best experiences here in the MTC. When the announcement was made about missionary work, everyone started cheering. You would have thought BYU won the BCS Championship. It was crazy!!! Everyone is so excited about this change and they are already talking about the changes it will have on the MTC. I think it is a great decision and especially a great one for the sisters. I think they will have a lot more immature elders though. But it is the Lords work and I'm pretty sure he wont make any mistakes in his work. Conference was great. It was the first time I was able to stay awake the whole time. I think it was because I was in the MTC. All the talks were great. They all seemed to have something that I could learn from them. My favorites would have to be Elder Holland and Elder Robert C Gay. They were very interesting to me. After conference, we had a Sunday night devotional. I didn't think it could get any better after conference but Chad Lewis, the Mormon NFL player from the Phildelphia Eagles spoke. It was amazing!! It was amazing to here how his mission affected his life. He had great stories. He told us that Troy Palumaleu from the Steelers has a younger brother on a mission right now. I was totally shocked by this. He also said that Troy is totally supportive and thinks it is a great thing that his brother is doing. It was cool to hear how professional athletes are really supportive of missionary work and think it is a great thing. It got me really excited for the field. 

Well that was just the weekend. For our Tuesday night devotional we had an amazing speaker. Elder David A Bednar came and spoke. Everyone was so excited and he gave a great talk. He didn't really give a talk but gave more of a workshop. He taught us how he studies talks from conference. It was amazing to hear how an apostle of God studies religious things. He taught us to look for 3 things - the doctrine, the invitation, and the blessings. The doctrine is what is being taught. The Invitation is what the apostles or prophet is inviting us to do and how can we do this in our own lives. The blessings are what can we receive from this. It was great and very simple to understand. It is definitely something I am going to do in my studies. It was just amazing to see an apostle speak in person and learn something from him,  it was incredible. He also talked about the new mission rules. He said that said that D&C 88:73 (i think) is the reason why they did it. He also said that with this decision, it is our responsability to rise up as missionaries. There is a huge emphasis on missionary work and we are the new generation of missionaries. It was amazing to hear him talk about the importance we have as missionaries during these days. 

I was also a host this week for new missionaries and my companion and I were selected to be example missionaries to help demonstrate how to teach investigators. There were 6 companionships choosen out of the whole MTC and we were one of them. It was a great experience and in that experience we got to meet some of the missionaries from those District videos we had to watch before our missions. It was great talking to them and they gave great advice and helpful comments for us on our missions. Infield Orientation was fun and they just did different workshops to help us get prepared for the field. It was all day from 8:15 am to 9:15 pm. It was long, but a lot of fun.

I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!! I leave on Oct 22 at 12:55 am. It is crazy. I took pictures of the plans and I will send them to you. The only issue is that I can't email you until next Friday if I need anything. Can you ask Porter what classroom he teaches in? That way if I need something I can tell him instead of waiting to see him. Let me know so that I can tell you guys what I need before I leave. That is, if I need anything. 

So Kylie and Kendal are great. Happy Birthday Kylie. I wish I could have been there with you guys. I wanted to see that movie that Kylie and her friends went to see. Kendal continua practicando espanol. Espanol es una idioma muy bonita. Trabaja dura para aprender espanol. Habla con Nana y Tata en enspanol y su maestra. Ella puede ayudarle. Dont get discouraged when you struggle in Spanish. Imagine being a missionary here on your first day and not knowing any Spanish at all. You walk in and your teacher is only speaking Spanish. It is scary and a lot of missionaries have a hard time with it. You get to learn Spanish at a younger age and at a lot slower pace. People need to learn Spanish here in 9 weeks or else they are going to struggle in the field. Just work hard and pray. The gift of tongues is real. How do you think missionaries are able to learn a new language. They pray at least 20 times a day for the gift of tongues. Work hard and pray the Lord will bless you with a way to help you understand.  

So that joke I sent is a joke that only works in Spanish.You couldn't figure it out because you had Sam help you. Just kidding. Tell her "Hi" and don't do anything stupid and stay away from boys. That goes for you too Kendal.  I'll repeat the joke and give your the exact translation of the question in English. "Que hace el pez cuando esta aburrido?" I added some to the joke to help you guys translate in better. The translation is: what does the fish do when it is bored?" The answer is "NADA" If you still can't figure it out, you guys are ridiculous. Tell Kendal's teacher the joke. I can guarantee you that she will find it funny. The joke only works in Spanish not  at all in English. Bueno suerte! I have another joke for you guys. This one is in English. "What do you call a mexican baptism? ................ "A bean dip" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. It is one of my favorite jokes here at the MTC. It is pretty racist though. 

Well my time is up. My time here at the MTC is almost up too. I leave next Sunday!! I love you guys a lot and miss you everyday. But I cant wait to go out to Costa Rica. I'm so excited. Thank you for all the support you guys give me. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone else is doing great. I miss everyone but the people here are great. I have made some many friends here. It is amazing. They are all great and are friendships that will last after the mission too. Thanks again for everything you do for me. Love you guys.

Elder Keysor

Elders Lewis, Woodland and Keysor - All grew up in Danville 1st ward

One of the Missionaries on our floor got a pumpkin to carve.

Carving the pumpkin

Conference Weekend

Hola Mi Familia,

The President of the MTC gave us permission to write home today (Saturday) after the crazy day we have had here.  I wish you guys could have seen it here!! Everyone was super excited for conference.  When President Monson made the announcement of the new ages for missionaries, the MTC went crazy.  Everyone was so shocked and excited.  Especially the sister missionaries.  They are hoping this will increase the number of sister missionaries by a lot.  A bunch of the workers in the cafeteria were telling people that they will be putting their papers in soon because of the change.  On our temple walk, everyone was talking about it and people were honking and cheering at all the missionaries.  It was so cool.  This makes me really proud to be a missionary.

Besides the big announcement, the first day of conference was good.  Watching conference as a missionary is really different.  It seems like every talk relates to me and missionary work.  It is so cool.  Plus I was able to stay awake for most of it :-)  So that was cool too.  The only thing I didn’t like were the chairs we sit in.  They got so uncomfortable sitting there for hours.

Also this week my companion and I have been asked to be hosts for the incoming missionaries.  We also have been assigned to teach a 2 hour workshop for the incoming missionaries.  Out of all the companionships in the MTC, they picked 3 companionships to teach the workshop.  Me and my companion were chosen.  We don't know how, but it should be very interesting.

Besides that, everything else is going great.  I should be getting my travel plans soon.  I’ll let you know when I get them.  Hope everything is going well for you guys. Adios.

Love, Elder Keysor

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 7 (MTC) - 2 Weeks to go!

Hola Familia,

Things are great here. Discussions are going great. We now have 6 investigators we are teaching. Three of them have a baptism date, the other 3 are really close. Teaching was very hard at first , but now it has become easier because we can speak Spanish a lot better. It is very good but also very stressful. We usually have 2 to 3 lessons a day. They are really exhausting,  but I'm progressing a lot and CAN ACTUALLY HOLD A CONVERSATION. It is a lot easier to teach in Spanish for me, don't know why. I actually have a hard time thinking of what to say in English and have forgotten how to pray in English. Also every Saturday, we get to teach actual members who volunteer to be taught. That is fun and more relaxed and we get to talk to people from the outside world. 

Things are going great. People are starting to get their travel plans and everyone is counting down the days. It's coming really quick. It is crazy to think that in 2 weeks I will be living in another country for two years. It is a little scary but I'm super excited. I've been working out everyday. I was getting a little chubby. But now I look like a swimsuit model with my washboard abs :-) . I love getting your letters. It is great to hear how things are going outside the MTC bubble. I havent gotten any letters for anybody else but you guys,  so I really love your letters. When I'm in the field, I only get mail every 6 weeks. So it will be better to communicate through email. I got a haircut and tried to have it look good but they are strict about rules here. They can only razor it here at the MTC. Hopefully things are different in the field - Sorry Mom. 

We are getting ready for conference this week. We don't have classes the next two days,  only conference and study between conference. Everybody is super excited. I watched a great talk the other day after our fireside. It was by Elder Bednar. It was called "Becoming a Missionary". It was great and you guys should read it if you can find it. 

We try to have a lot of fun here. We tell a lot of jokes here. My favorite joke that I have in spanish is "Que hace el pez? .............. Nada" hopefully you guys can get it. Kendal should be able to and she should tell her spanish teacher it. Yesterday at the bookstore, the girl working there told me one that was pretty good. She tells me jokes every time I'm there. It was "What happened to the wind? ............... It blew away" hahahahahaha Did you get it?  yep that is the type of humor we have as missionaries. It is really good.

A guy on my floor got a box of Mountain Dew the other day. We threw a small fiesta of Mountain Dew. I went and asked the trainers for ice and we made a cooler out of a trash can. It was amazing. Mountain Dew never tasted so good!

It sounds like the girls and everyone are doing well. Kylie is now 10 crazy. I bet mom remembers when I was 10. Now look at me. Kendal still is having boy problems and spanish stuff. Espero que ella este entendiendo mucho de Espanol. Es un idioma muy bonito. Y tambien ella puede hablar con Nana y Tata en Espanol. Pues si, me encanta Espanol. Todos mis pensamientos son de Espanol. Es muy interesante. I wish I was there for halloween . I miss it a lot. Hopefully the graveyard will look good without me. 

I just wanted to thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I never really expressed my appreciation. But I am really grateful. I love you guys so much. Mom, thank you for making the decision to become a member of this church. It has been a great blessing in my life. I love you guys and am grateful for all the love and support you guys give me on my mission. It is a great motivator for me on my mission. Thank you for supporting me in sports and church. I am truly grateful for everything you guys have done in my vida. Le amo mucho. Y yo se que uds van a recibir muchas bendeciones por su fe y ayuda. Muchas gracias.

Les amo,
Elder Keysor

PS I'm going to send some more pics today.

Week 6 (MTC)

Hola Familia,

Things are the same old stuff here. Everyday consists of classes, study, and spanish. I get the full amount of sleep everyday but it never seems to be enough. The days are exhausting and ye, the food seems to be getting worse.  I have seen three districts enter and leave before me. It kills me. I want to get to Costa Rica.  We got new roommates this week. They are going to Bolivia. But they leave for the Peru MTC in 3 weeks. So they leave before me. Im starting to get tired of the MTC and want to go to Costa Rica so bad. 

But besides all that stuff, its is great here. Even though being here for 9 weeks is hard, I am glad I am here that long. I feel like if i was here shorter my learning would be rushed. So being here longer autally helps.  The best food comes from the temple. It is amazing and so cheap. It is the one thing i look forward to during the week. I've meet a couple Elders going to Costa Rica but not a lot. It says I leave on the 21st. That is just an estimate. I wont know until a week before I leave. But it is possible to leave on a Sunday. People leave everyday of the week at all different times. I havent gotten anything from my mission pres. You have to remember that Im here for a couple more weeks and not every mission pres sends stuff to people. I dont need anything right now. Most of the stuff i can buy at the store here. We get 40% off everything in the store so its cheap. Plus we get $6 every weds on our card. Kinda like at BYU. If you would like to send more food and candy, you are always welcome to. I know me and my roommmate would appreciate it. For some reason i have been craving PEZ candy. Dont know why but I have been. 

I was glad that Nana and Tata got my letter and understood it. I was also happy to get letters from the girls. It sounds like they are doing great. Kylie is still smeagol and Kendal tiene un novio. Pero esta bien. Puedo matar el despues de mi mision. Espero que Kendal esta aprendiendo mucho de Espanol. En la proxima carta, quiero que Kendal escriba solamente en Espanol. Por Favor. 

It was good to hear about the guys and Drews Mom. I was wondering what happened with that. At least she went to church. That is very important in an investigators progression. I miss everyone but most of all I miss being able to go to the outside world. I love temple walks on Sunday cause I'm able to be outside. Last week I saw Jeff Barker at the temple. He was having a picnic with his girlfriend. I took a picture with him and attached it to the email. He said he loves the new coach and he is doing great things for the team. He said Dez is now throwing 94 and James is throwing well too. I think they will have a good season this year. 

People recgonize me all the time here. I've had people come up to me and say they recgonize from BYU and the baseball team. My companion thinks it is funny. I guess I just have one of those faces. Plus I get mistaken for a trainer during gym. 

A friend of mine from BYU just came in this week. His name is Moses Kautamela. He plays football for BYU and went to Bingham with Mason. He is the nicest person I've ever met. he is a big Samoan guy. But he is going to Oakland, CA on his mission. I told him if he is ever in Danville, you guys need to have him over for dinner. He leaves here in 2 weeks. 

Things are great here. My spanish is a ton better and it is actually affecting my English. I have the hardest time writing in my journal cause im slowly forgeting how to spell in English. that is why this letter has so many typos. My companion says I snore really loud and talk in my sleep. But i sleep talk in Spanish. So i guess thats a good sign. I have 6 investigators now. It is crazy. I sometimes teach 3 lessons a day. It is very tiring. But i have progressed so much since being here. My teacher tells me i have progessed at ton and am a great missionary. He tells me every day that I will be a very successful missionary. He says my best trait is that I'm a great listener and teach to the persons needs. I really like it here and dont have any complaints besides the food. It is a great place and the people here are great. I've made friends with a lot of missionaries here. I can tell that these friendships im making will continue after our missions too. 

I'm sorry I'm not answering every question. I try really had to tell you how things are here. But everyday is the same. Class and study and eat. I try to tell you guys the interesting stuff that goes on here but there isn't much. Devotionals and firesides are the only different stuff here. There are rumors that Holland may be coming here this week. We will see. People make stuff up all the time. Have you guys watched that talk by Elder Bednar about Christ? Its really great but I don't know if you can find it. Usually MTC talks arent published. Hopefully you can find it. 

Well my time is up and I hope I used more detail. Sorry about that. It is very hard. The typos are a mix of I dont have time to fix them and my english is getting horrible. I love you guys and I miss you guys a ton. But I get to live in a top rated vacation country for two years. That's pretty cool if you ask me.  Well les amo y les extrano mucho. 

Nos Vemos,
Elder Keysor

Friday, October 5, 2012

One Month Down !!!

Hola Familia,

I hope everything is going well. Things are great here and they are only getting better. I cant believe I've only been here a month. It seems like forever. But on the bright side, I only have 23 more months to go!!

Things are going great. I'm learning a lot about how to teach and Spanish. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I am getting so good at Spanish that my English is getting bad. My teachers keep telling me that I'm progressing really well and that I'll become a great missionary. They even compared me to the two nerdest missionaries in my district. It was a huge confidence booster. 

You asked where everyone in my district is going. My companion and I are the only ones going to Costa Rica. Three are going to Louisiana and two are going to Chile. All Spanish speaking. There is a guy in my zone that is going to Tempe, AZ Spanish speaking. I told him he should go speak Spanish with Nana & Tata.

I got a package this week from Nana & Tata. It was good. I love treats and they sent me a card. I wrote them back in only Spanish.  Hopefully they get it. I finally finished that box of candy you guys sent me. I had to bring it to class every day to get rid of it. My Mexican teacher looked like a orphan from Nacho Libre when they got a real salad. He had the biggest smile on his face every time I brought candy to class. He compared you guys to the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors in Alma 56:27. It was pretty funny. I got your cakes and already ate one. The same day I got the cakes, my companion got a package of 150 homemade cookies. Our room has become the sweets room and everyone comes by for snacks. We are comapred to Willy Wonka. I also got the photo albums. I love them and it is great to have pictures of my family and friends. 

It sounds like the girls are doing great. Kylie is still dominating soccer and school. Tell Kylie that Mrs. Darin remembers me because I'm a legend at Sycamore. Kendal is doing muy bueno en Espanol. Es muy importante que ella estudie muy duro para Espanol. Despues de mi mision yo quiero hablar con Kendal solamente en Espanol. Este es su meta. Sabe espanol antes de que regrese de mi mision. Hopefully she understood that. It also sounds like she has things for boys now. Who is this Mason guy? Do I have to kill him? Kendal is too young to have boy issues. They still have cooties. It sounds like you guys are getting ready for Halloween. I already have my costume picked out for the next two years. I bet you cant figure it out. 

Things are good here. I really love the firesides and devotionals. After the firesides, we get to watch church movies or talks. Last week I watched a talk given by Elder Bednar at an MTC devotional on Christmas. It was called "Character of Christ" and was amazing. I totally recommend watching it if you can find it. It was an amazing talk. We got a new investigator we are teaching from Mexico. He is a fun investigattor. He is easy but loves to tell stories. 

We get bored sometimes around here and meal times we talk about stupid things. This week we had a debate on whether or not you could swim in jello. It was so big that our whole zone got involved and even all the teachers on our floor got involved. It was pretty funny. It lasted a couple days. We try to play pranks on people. The most common prank is hiding is someones closet. It can be pretty funny sometimes. 

I run into Porter a lot. I like talking to him. And I've been talking to the trainers that work during gym time. They give me updates on BYU sports. One of them was my trainer from baseball and he gives he updates on football cause he works with them now. So he told me about the Boise game yesterday. It was funny. He was telling me that the defense is really good and the offense has problems. Mason ( Elder Marshall) left this week. So it is just me and Hutch left from the baseball team. I ran into Stephen Wells ( from the BYU Team) at the temple this morning. It was great seeing him. 

I was wondering if mom could tell me her conversion stroy. I think it would be cool to know and could maybe help me with my investigators. Just kinda explain your experience. And also I was wondering if you could send up my paperback BOM from school up. It had some good notes in it that I could use. That is about it. So yep. I love the letters and packages. Please keep sending them. 

Elder Keysor

I have pictures to send you but I cant get it to work right now so ill try again later. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 4 - MTC


How's it going? I got your package this week and everyone on my floor was so happy. My room has become the candy room and everyone stops by to get some. I still haven't finished the candy from before so there still is a lot left. I read Kylie's story. It made me chuckle. Typical Kylie. It sounds like everyone is doing great. Kylie and Kendal are liking soccer and school. Kendal's Spanish presentation was perfect but she needs to start using harder words. She needs to challenge herself. It is the only way to get better at Spanish. She has the best resource with Nana and an almost fluent brother. The other day I volunteered myself to teach a grammar lesson in class. I had no idea what I was doing, but my teacher said I gave a great language lesson. 

I'll try to answer all your questions but remember it is tough. I've run into a lot of people here this week. I ran into Porter (Carlie Mckeon's husband). I talked to him a lot and he is teaching Spanish here and hopefully I run into him again. I ran into one of my student athlete mentors from school here. She just got in this week and is preparing to go on a mission. I also ran into one of the trainers for the baseball team here. He was working gym time so I got to talk to him. Of course I ran into Sister Miller. It is almost a regular thing now. I also ran into some senior missionaries from our stake, the Waldrons. They took a picture and I think they were going to send it to you. They are here for only a week before they go on their mission. 

Mason and Hutch are the only two baseball players left. Mason leaves next week though. I have run into a lot of other athletes here. I ran into someone from the volleyball team, rugby, and a couple football players that I had met at school. I see Chase and Matt Woodland regularly. Matt rides around on a scooter things cause his foot is in a cast from his surgery. 

To answer Kylie's question. I sleep on the bottom bed. Our roommates Elder Moberly and Elder Sparacino left this week. They left for the Guatemala MTC. A lot of people left this week. The other district lost half of their district to the Guatamela MTC. It's crazy. Plus a huge group from our zone left on their missions. It was the largest departing group in a while. 

I forgot to take a picture of my schedule to send you guys. I will get it for you next week. But just know my days are crazy from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm. I get more sleep here than I did at school and I'm more exhausted here. 

I've been gaining a little weight but there is a guy in my district that went to Westpoint. He's a military freak so I work out with him twice a week to stay in shape. We do some crazy ab workouts. 

I'm  glad to see that Nana got my letter. I was worried I sent it to the wrong place. I'm going to write them from now on in Spanish because my Spanish is getting better. I also got a letter from the Lewis family. They sent me a postcard and asked how I was doing. I also got a letter from Christine and Ben. Lucy drew me a picture too.

I can't listen to music here so I haven't used my iPod. And I expect a new iPhone 5 or 7 whatever is the newest when i get back :-).

We had a great devotional this week, it was about obedience. It was given by one of the Seventy, Elder Carlson. He said that obedience transforms us from who we are to who we will become. It was interesting,  but what made me really think is what his wife said. His wife said that we should strive to be the missionaries that our mother's expect us to be. It made me think because I know mom has high expectations for me. So hopefully I'm living up to that expectation and if not, I am going to strive to do that. Afterwards, we had a district review about it and our Branch President (I swear he is one of the 3 Nephites) spoke about our families. He quoted a scripture, D&C 31:5. It talked about how our families will be blessed for the time and effort we put in on our mission. I know this to be true. Hopefully you guys have already seen some of those blessings. 

I've tried to answer most of your questions in the time I have. I hope that helps. 

Things are great here and I love it. I love going to the temple every P-day morning. I love the classes even though they are 3 hours long. Spanish is great. And I love the food here. My teachers are great. I'm going to send you a picture of one. One is white the other is a little mexican guy who is 26 but I swear he looks like a little boy from Nacho Libre. He even acts like one. This place is great and I'm glad that I made this decision. It's crazy i've been here for 4 weeks already. I am starting my 4th week. Only 6 more till Costa Rica. I can't wait!!!

Elder Keysor

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 3 - MTC

Hola mi familia,

I sent you guys some pictures. I wanted to label the pics so you could know who they are but I have no way of doing that and I can't remember the order I sent them in. The pics are of my companion ( Elder Hampton) , my district, my roommates (Elder Moberly and Sparacino), Elder (Jesse) Newman, Elder (Joseph) Robison, Elder (Daniel) McKinley and Elder (David) Estrada all guys that were in my dorms at school, and Elder (Matt) Hutchings from baseball, then the two mexican missionaries I play basketball with (Elder Garza and Elder Valdez). Hopefully you guys can figure out who every is.

Today we went to the temple. It is great,  the temple is always busy with missionaries. It is really cool. It sounds like Kylie is doing great in soccer. How is Kendal doing? Do they like school? I love getting your letters. We don't get to hear about things in the outside world so it is nice to hear things in the letters. I sent a letter to Nana and Tata in the mail. I hope they got it. 

Things are great here. I've been playing basketball during PE. It is so much fun, and I like playing with the Mexican missionaries. They are really good and love talking trash in Spanish. It helps me to learn some Spanish and have fun at the same time. On Monday we had a substitue teacher. She was from Spain. She spoke really fast and with a thick accent. But she gave everyone personal advice. She told me that I need to love everyone and I looked like I was a giant teddy bear full of love. It was really funny to hear because I was the only one that got good advice. Our district has made it a goal to only speak Spanish. It is really hard and everyone is really quiet cause we can't speak English. It is a great goal but very difficult. 

The days are going by really fast here. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I can understand everything but struggle speaking it. I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is really hard but I am actually able to understand most of it. I just have to go really slow and look up a lot of words in the dictionary. I've also started reading Jesus the Christ in my spare time. It's really good and really deep. 

The food is still good. I like it a lot but it doesn't really like me back. My companion is great. We work together really well. My roommates are great too. They leave next week for the Guatemala MTC. So it will a bummer when they are gone. I love your packages of goodies. The people in my hall also love them too. I love getting your letters and I know I'm not sending you guys a lot. But besides class and Spanish I dont get a lot of free time so I don't have that many interesting stories. But when I have them, I will definitely tell you guys. Send your letters through "dear elder". I like it because I get them on my email and also as a letter. It is nice getting mail at the end of the day even if it is something small. It really sucks the days when you don't get anything. Everybody makes a big deal about mail here. It is kinda stupid. Thanks again for the packages and letters. You guys are the only people that have sent me anything consistently. So it is nice. I love you guys and miss you a ton. 

Elder Keysor

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FIrst P-Day - MTC

Mi familia,

Today is my first P-Day. I only have 30 minutes so I'll try to make this quick.

Things are going really good. Spanish is coming along well and so is learning how to teach. My companion and I have been teaching this investigator named Edwin. We got him to commit to baptism on our second lesson with him. Of course this is all in Spanish. My days are extremely full and dont have time to rest. I get up every day at 6:20 AM and go to bed around 10:30 PM. It is super exhausting. The district is really cool. There are 4 sister missionaries and the rest are Elders. There is a guy in my district that lived on my floor in the dorms at BYU. His name is Elder Newman. he is really cool. My companion and I are getting along great. He is a really cool guy. My roommates are Elder Moberly and Elder Sparacino. They are both going to Guatemala. They are great guys and are so much fun to be around. Elder Sparacino is from Virginia and Elder Moberly is from San Diego. Elder Sparacino can beatbox hymns, it is really funny. 

I found my immunizations paperwork. It was in my backpack. I try to exercise at least twice a week. It hard because I like to play basketball during our gym time. I got the cookies. They are amazing. Everyday I run into someone I know. I run into Mason ( Elder Marshall) a lot and I got to see Travis (Elder Stacey) before he left. I see Chase ( Elder Lewis) and Matt ( Elder Woodland) all the time. We had a fireside on Sunday and it was great. The devotional on Tuesday was also great. The worst part so far has been the service projects. Elder Moberly volunteered me to help clean the toilets. It was disgusting. I've seen things that nobody should ever see. Of course the building I had to clean was the building where all the Tongans live. It was so gross. I meet one of the teachers here who spent a few months in Costa Rica. She has been telling me and my companion about the different things in Costa Rica. It has been very cool. 

This morning, I got to go to the temple. It was really great. I was also able to eat in the cafetria in the temple. The food was so much better than the food at the MTC. Everything has been great here and it's been so much fun. I learn so much everyday. I miss you guys and hope everything is going well. It seems like the girls are loving school and soccer. I love reading your letters and getting all the treats. Have mom say "hi" to Nana and Tata for me. I'll try to write them a letter some time today. I'll make sure I try to answer all your questions in my letters. I havent taken many pictures yet but when i do I'll try to email them to you guys. Thanks again for all the letters.

Elder Keysor