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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !

Hola Familia,

So Christmas was a lot of fun. We had to work all day which was actually really fun. We just went and visited every investigator and member in our area. We gave them some bags of candy as gifts and I handed out the Christmas pencils (mom sent me) to kids on the streets. It was cool because we went to one investigators house and they told us that their neighbor didn´t have a good Christmas. So we stopped by but the mom wasn´t home. So we just talked to the kids and I asked if they wanted some pencils. They had a huge smile on their faces and took the Christmas pencils and started running and jumping for joy. It was really neat to see how the little kids were really excited to get something small for Christmas. It was a real eye opener that I am not in America. But it was a fun day and to top it off, it was raining. So that was fun too. 

We have been working really hard this week. Most people are on vacations from work and school so it is a great time for us to visit people. We have been trying to find people but a lot of people go to the beach during vacation. But it still has been good for us. We have found some new people and we have done a lot of service. We helped one of our investigators move into a new house the other day. Service has been great for us. It really shows people that we are different than most people who preach religion. Also soccer has been great. I totally play safe. We tell our investigators that we are going to play and they almost always show up with a friend. So we get to play soccer with them and get a reference. It is pretty fun. 

Everyone is getting ready for the New Year. Today is supposed to be a huge party. Supposedly bigger than Christmas Eve. So a lot of people are going to San Jose for the big night. We should be fine,  but I know that Elder Marshall in the Philippines isn´t allowed outside today. So we will see. The holidays are really cool here. They set up these huge nativity scenes at their houses and at midnight on Christmas Eve they put the baby Jesus in the nativity scene. It is really great. Plus Christmas is a huge party with fireworks and everything. I will have to send some pictures and stuff. 

I have been thinking a lot about what you said about me always being happy. Because the mission isn´t easy. Yes, I may not have all the same trials that other missionaries have but I still have my trials. There still are days that are really frustrating. But I have been thinking about why I my attitude toward it might be different compared to others. I don´t exactly know but I was reading a talk by President Uchtdorf this week from conference - "Of Regrets and Resolutions". It was really good.  What caught my eye is a quote he said. (Yes mom, I am quoting an apostle now. :))  "No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish." It is totally true. I have noticed that it is really hard for me to remember or focus on the rough times that have happened on my mission so far, but I can tell you all the fun and great things that have happened. Plus I was reading in Alma 26 and what is says is great. It pretty much says that we should be happy because we are instruments in the hands of God. It is really cool. But really, the mission can be hard, but to me it is fun because there is always something that makes me smile and feel good everyday. That is why I love my mission.

It sounds like everything is going well at home. Aunt Stacy is getting married!!!! Finally!!!  - just kidding... that is great.  Tell her ¡Felicidades! Tell everyone "Hi" and Happy New Year for me. Tell the girls to get back to school. It sounds like it is time for them to get back in school. I hope you get the package I sent soon. If not, oh well.  Did you guys ever get that SD card with photos I sent home awhile back? I hope so. I can´t remember if you told me you got it or not. 

Also ¡feliz Cumpleaños Kendal! You are so old. Es muy triste que yo no puedo estar allí para su cumpleaños. Pero espero que usted tenga un cumpleaños muy bueno sin chicos. Todavía usted es tan joven para pensar sobre los chicos. Pero ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! I hope you can understand all of that. If not you need to study more in spanish or just ask Nana and Tata. 

Well I hope everything is going well for you guys.  The holiday season wasn´t the same, but it was so great to see you guys on Skype.  It was the best christmas present I received this year. Miss you guys and love you guys a lot. ¡Nos vemos!

¡Feliz año nuevo!
Elder Keysor

My area

My area - soccer fields were the kids play are in the distance

Painting on the wall - we are in the Alajuela area

Elder Siddoway and Elder Keysor in Apartment in front of Christmas tree from Alamo 2 ( Danville) ward primary 

Christmas Eve at my cook's house

Christmas Eve at cook's house

My area

my area - restaurant on corner makes great doughnuts

Area where we track and teach families

It's Almost Christmas! Yes, I can Skype!

Feliz Navidad,

It is almost Christmas!!!! Things haven´t been too crazy this week. Just getting ready for Christmas. This last Friday we had a Christmas Party for the mission. It was fun. We got to hear from the mission president and got to play some games. We also had some amazing food. That is the best part about these meetings is that we get real gringo food. It is so good.  I was also able to get the other two packages that you guys sent me. They were really big. I had to take them out of the boxes and put them in my backpack so that I could get on the bus back home. So I opened up my presents before Christmas. I tried to wait,  but Elder Siddoway tempted me - ha ha.  And I LOVE THE FOOT MASSAGER. It is great. After a long day of walking, it feels great. We have already put the mac and cheese to good use. Thank you so much for the presents. It is almost like being home. 

Tonight we are going to our cooks house for Christmas Eve dinner. We are going to have Tamales and they are having a secret santa so today I am going out to buy some presents for people here. Everyone has been so nice to us this week. We have been invited a lot to go eat tamales with people and we have been caroling this week with the youth. It has been a lot of fun. Christmas here is similar but the only difference is that Christmas Eve is when they have their parties. So it will be fun to go to one tonight with our cook´s family. 

It has been a rough week for the mission work though. We were supposed to have a marriage this week but it is getting delayed until January because the place to get paperwork is closed for the holidays. So that also pushes back the baptism. We have had a hard time finding people because everyone is leaving or traveling with family. We found some new people who we are excited to teach. And a lot of people came to the Ward Christmas party on Friday. It was a lot of fun because it was a crazy party. They had an inflatable for the kids in the church and there was confetti and music. It was crazy. I have never been in a church party like that. I guarantee that more people would go to things if they knew how the parties were here. 

The biggest news is that La liga beat Heredia in the championship on Saturday. It was crazy because between 7PM  till the end of the game, nobody was outside. It was a ghost town. But at night when we were getting ready for bed, it all of a sudden went crazy. Cars started honking, people started screaming, fireworks were going off in front of our house. It was insane. It was a party all night long. And the next day at church, nobody was there and everyone had sore voices. It was so funny. They take soccer as a religion here. 

But that is about it for this week. Not much going on but Christmas and soccer. The exciting news is that yes I can SKYPE tomorrow! The zone leaders told us we could last monday night. So I have been trying to find a place to skype. We are planning on going to a members house and using their computer.  We are planning on heading over around 8:30 am tomorrow. Elder Siddoway will go first and then me. So expect a Skype call around 9:30 am Costa Rica time so whatever that is California time. We can try video but it may be slow so we may just do voice. But yes I can use skype. I am going to try logging on to my account. I think I remember it. So that will be easier. So yep, Skype tomorrow for Christmas.

I can´t wait to talk to you guys tomorrow. I know there isn´t much time to talk but it will be great to hear from you guys. We have a really neat house right now.  We walk down the streets and everyone wants to play soccer with us. It was funny because they all thought the world was going to end on Friday so they were sad that we couldn´t play soccer. It was so funny. But nos vemos manaña, les amo mucho, y no puedo creer que manaña vamos a hablar por medio de Skype. Pues, adios y ¡Feliz Navidad!


Elder Keysor

Christmas presents received from family

Christmas gifts - SF Giants Championship cup and Massage slippers!

Eating my Mac and Cheese ( sent by my Mom) 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We moved to a new house

Hola familia,

Everything is going great here. It has been a crazy week, but it has been a good week too. Every week is a good week on the mission. We started this week by moving into our new house. We are now living on in a one bedroom, one kitchen, and one bathroom house. It is really cool. We don't live with members so we don´t have anything for the house. But the mission is going to be sending us some things here soon. The were too many problems living with the members so we needed to move. We just live down the street from our old house. I will send some pictures.

Today isn´t our P-day. We have permission to write our families and that is it. Our P-Day will  be this firday when we have a Christmas Party for the mission. Everyone here in CR is ready for Christmas. It is really cool.  Everyone makes tamales for the Christmas season, just like Nana. Everyone is outside cooking on a fire in the middle of the street. I have had a couple tamales already. They are really good. The only difference is that they aren´t spicy and have vegetables in them.  I think we are going to a members house for Christmas Eve to eat tamales too, just like at home.

The biggest thing this week is that we invited a family to be married. It is a family we have been teaching.  They have 6 kids and the oldest is 12.  They have been a tough family to teach with all the kids. But we invited them to get married so they can be baptized. They are supposed to be married this Thursday. It is really exciting. We also invited another famiy to be married yesterday. They said they wanted to but needed to clear things up between them first. This is a big challenge here in Costa Rica. Nobody is married and nobody wants to get married. So it is really tough to teach families and get them baptized. We also invited another person to get baptized the 5th of January. He has been investigating the church for a couple years because his girlfriend is a member. Missionaries invited him to be baptized but the girlfriend doesn´t want him to do it because of her. So we have been working hard and invited him again. And when we did, his girlfriend and him starting crying. They felt the spirit so strong and he accepted. They actually felt like we cared for them and really want to help them. It was so neat. So we are doing well with teaching.

Soccer is everything here. We play a ton of soccer and we have gotten a lot of new investigators from it. They are more comfortable to talk to us because we play soccer with them. That has helped a ton. We also have been working a lot with the members to get referrals. That has been good for us too. So the finding people to teach has gotten a lot better.

So you always give me a sports update, so here is the sports update here. It is finals time. LA Liga vs Heredia. Yesterday was the first game and La Liga won. During game time is our dead period. Nobody is in the streets. I am serious, NOBODY. It is like a ghost town here. But when someone scores a goal, you can hear screams and people screaming for like 5 min and then dead silence. After the game yesterday, everyone was going crazy. It reminded me of when we went to the the national championship between USC vs Texas. It is crazy.
It has been a good week. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Tell Nate congrats on the wedding.  The mission here is getting ready for the new missionaries. I can´t believe it is in a week until Christmas.  It will be different being here for Christmas. I am almost positive that we can only call home and not Skype. We will probably be at our cooks house and call you guys and then hang up. Then you will call me because it is cheaper for you guys. I will try to have more details on Monday. But all I know for sure is that it is a phone call of 30 min. So I don't know why other mom's say they will Skype. I miss you guys and can´t wait to talk to you guys. 

The mission is great and I am so glad that I came here. I have learned so much. I finished the Book of Mormon today. I have learned so much from that. I wish I could tell you everything I have learned but I would be here for days. Tell everyone Feliz Navidad.  Miss everyone a lot. Nos vemos muy pronto. Adios

Feliz Navidad,
Elder Keysor

New House - kitchen & study area. 

Study area with view of the bedroom/entrance
Entrance and sleeping area.  Yes that is my Sponge Bob blanket, a member gave it to me.

Christmas tree and ornaments sent from Danville (Alamo 2 ward)  Primary children

View from bedroom to kitchen. Notice the Christmas light/decorations mom sent

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Semana 6 - Everything is "Solo Bueno"

Hola familia,

How is it going? Everything is going well here - "Solo bueno" ( as they say here in CR). We are getting ready for Christmas here. The ward decorated the chapel for Christmas. We are planning on going caroling this weekend with the ward to help us find new people. Finding new people to teach has been a huge challenge for us this week. We try not to contact in the street or knock doors. The investigators that progress the most are referrals from the members. So that is our focus - working with the members. 

We also have been working on finding young men to teach. President wants the focus to be on young men from 15 to 25 yrs old. That way they can prepare to serve a mission. So we have been focusing on going to mutual. Because in mutual they play soccer (surprise uh), they get about 5 members and 25 non members to play soccer. So we go and get to know the kids that show up.  Sometimes we'll play soccer with them as well.  It is cool because when we are walking in the streets, the kids know us by name and we are now friends with them.  It has been a good thing for us to go to mutual. 

We haven´t been able to meet with the catholic family much. We stopped by once last week and they had read a lot. The grandma actually didn´t want to share the book we gave them. They really liked the things we teach them. They totally agree with it and it makes sense to them, but when we invited them to be baptised they denied. They didn´t want to change their beliefs, so we are going to still stay in touch with with them and hopefully they can change their minds.  We just wont see them everyday as we need to find people that want to move forward.

We had a cool contact last p-day. We were playing soccer at the church because they have a cement soccer field. We were playing against the members and two random people showed up. They had heard that we were teaching English classes and wanted to join and they also wanted to learn things about the church. They want to stay off the streets and change their lives. So we taught them and they are great. They are two 25 yr. old guys. We teach in both Spanish and English. It is tough, but we are helping the people in any way we can. 

They had the Primary program this weekend in church. It was really interesting. We showed up and there were ballons and streamers all over the chapel and in the sacrament room for the program -  It was really weird. The church is really new here and the members are just starting to figure things out. It was a really cute program. There are about 20 kids in the primary. One kid went up there and was really nervous and instead of saying his part he said "estoy nervioso" and sat down. It was really funny. 

Also the championships for soccer are next weekend. Heredia and La Liga are playing. It is a big deal here. Yesterday was the semifinals and people were screaming and honking horns whenever there was a goal. It is really cool. It also makes contacting fun. We just talk about soccer and people will listen to us. It is also crazy because everyone is La liga fans. But a church member in another area just bought the Heredia team. So it will be an interesting final for the members here.

I haven´t put up the paper Christmas tree you sent. We are moving to a new place sometime this week. The house we were leaving in wasn´t good for missionaries so we needed to move. There were some problems. But we are really excited about our new house. 

For Christmas we call, we can´t skype. I think we call from our cook´s phone and then you call us back. It is a lot cheaper that way. And I am pretty sure we can only talk for like 30 min. But I don´t know all the details yet. I will let you know when we get closer to that time. 

Dad, about your question on how to prepare for a mission. You can´t prepare for all of this. You think you can be totally prepared for all of this, but you can´t. The only way to prepare is by doing it. But one thing that I wish I knew before my mission was "Preach my Gospel". I would say -  read that before your mission.  The best thing to do is decide to go on a mission and be able to go.  Yes, things can get tough with the languange and a different culture, but they really haven't bothered me too much.   I think baseball and sports helped me a lot. I learned how to get back up when you fail. You have to learn how to accept challenges and do your best to beat them. If you do your part as a missionary, God will do the rest.  The mission has helped me to realize this. I have only been here a month and a half, but the lessons I have learned have already changed my life. It is amazing and I still have a lot more to learn!  That is my only advice for the mission, and just enjoy your time as a missionary. You are helping people come unto Christ  - what could be better. 

I am glad to hear everyone is doing great. I miss you guys a lot and I will try to take more pictures for you guys. Especially around Christmas time. I love you guys and it will be different without you guys for Christmas, but the mission is a happy time so I will be fine. Tell everyone "Hi".  Love you guys a lot!!! Adios!

Pura Vida Mae,

Elder Keysor

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Semana 5 - Yes, I need a haircut

Hola familia,

Things are going great here. It has been a little tough this week because we don´t have many people to teach. So this week we have focused on finding new people. Bismarck and Jazmin ( our baptisms) are doing great. It is neat to see them progress in the church. Yesterday Bismarck blessed the sacrament. It was cool. Plus he bore his testimony. It was so strong. He made the whole congregation silent. It was really great.  

About the tie - . Jazmin gave me the tie the day before the baptism and asked me to wear it the next day. It was her tie from her school uniform. She didn´t need it so gave it to me, it was a nice gesture.  

Yes Mom, I do need a haircut. I use gel but it has been so windy her lately. Like "tornado" windy. So my hair looks insane. I am getting my haircut today. There is a salon down the street that I will go to. 

This week was a little crazy. We had to travel a lot to San Jose this week. We first had a zone conference. It was my first one and it was great. President Wilkinson spoke about the power of the Atonement and how it gives us a ton of power. It was really good. We also had American food for lunch. The President's wife cooked sloppyjoes for everyone. It was so good. The following day I had to go to the office for my one month checkup. I got to talk with President and talk about how I am doing. Then after I got to eat at the presidents house with all the other missionaries who entered with me. It was BBQ food!!! So good. It was great to see how everyone else is adjusting to the mission. Everyone is doing really well.  I got to talk a lot with President Wilkenson. he is a neat man. He is such a nice guy and always is joking around with me. He is planning to come out and play catch with me one of these P days. It will be fun and he wants to bring his son too. 

I ate cow stomach the other day. Our cook had made a soup for herself with cow stomach. She asked if I wanted to try it. I said "why not, how bad could cow stomach be?". It was really chewy like fatty chewy. But there was no fat on it. It wasn´t horrible but I don´t think I will be ordering it at a restuarant anytime soon. I haven´t gotten sick. I think the constant beans and rice "solidify" things. So I am good. 

One contact we had went well. We went and knock on this door and a young girl answered and said her mom would be home the following day if we wanted to stop by. We came back the next day but the mom wasn´t there. But the daughter said we could talk with her aunt that was there. So we did and then the mom showed up and then the grandma. We started teaching them and they are really open to us. The mom has a ton of questions and we answer them all. She can´t believe it.  We visited again yesterday and the mom invited her whole family to listen to us. There were 4 different families listening to us and enjoying our message. They can´t pronounce our names so they call us amigo 1 and amigo 2. It is funny. It has been a neat experience this week.

Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas. I got one package you sent when I went to the zone conference. It was the one with the tree and decorations. So I set it up in my room. I didn´t take any pics yet cause I am not done. The other two packages haven´t arrived yet. Hopefully I will get them on Wednesday when we go in for a meeting. We will see. For future reference send packages to the PO box address. I think it is safer, addresses here are hard to pin down. But don´t worry. I should be getting the other ones soon. Hopefully Wednesday. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Kendal needs to watch out for those tree guys. They are dangerous. Take a picture of the "Griswald" house. I can´t believe Dad put up extra lights. He is usually is lazy when it comes to putting up decorations and lights. How does the Christmas village look? Kylie better do a good job. There are a couple members here that have villages too. It is fun celebrating Christmas in Spanish. The other day we where in a store and they were playing Christmas music.  I couldn´t understand it, so I asked the lady at the store "¿Este no es español?" and she looked at me like I was crazy. So she started singing the song and it was in Spanish. I felt so stupid and my companion was laughing because he had the same question. It was funny. The music is still hard for me to understand but everything else I can pretty much understand. 

Well hope everything is going well. I miss you guys and love you guys a lot. Keep me updated with things back home. I feel like I have been here forever. I can only imagine how it feels for you guys. Know that I love you guys and pray every night for you guys. Tell nana and tata les amo and also granma and grandpa I love them too. Kendal and Kylie study hard. It is really sad to see these girls here drop out of school when they are 15. It happens a lot. So study hard in school. Pues adios.Y les extraño mucho y les amo much tambien. Nos vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Semana 4 - my first baptisms

Hola Familia,

So things have been good here this week.  The baptisms for Jazmin and Bismark this week went great. Bismarck had asked me to speak during the baptism. So I gave my first talk in Spanish at the baptism. It went really well. My Spanish has gotten pretty good. The baptisms were really neat. They were my first baptisms. It was such a cool experience. The next day was Sunday and we did the confirmations at Church. Jazmin accidently slept in so we had to run and wake her up for church. We barely made it in time for her confirmation. It was also neat because Bismarck also received the Priesthood yesterday. It is great to see your investigators progress through the gospel. So that was a great day. 

Our week had mainly been making sure that Bismarck and Jazmin were ready for their baptisms, but we also had a good week with other investigators. 

This week we went to go teach a recent convert family and we couldn´t find them so we were kinda mad.  I stopped at a store to get so snacks to eat.  I bought some chips and chocolate milk in a box, like a juice box. We were walking back and I was drinking my chocolate milk and it tasted funny. Usually the milk tastes funny, but this tasted really funny. But it didn´t bother me too much so I drank it all. Afterwards I looked at the juicebox to see what it was and on it it said "Breastmilk is the most nutrishous milk" I thought, "this is weird" and I looked for what type of milk it was and figured out that it was baby formula chocolate milk. It was so gross and Elder Siddoway thought it was so funny that he keepes telling everyone that I drank baby milk. 

For Thanksgiving, we went to a members house. We had soup and turkey. It was great. They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving like we do but they just have a lot of food - and rice and beans. 

On Saturday, the day of the baptism, we went to the church to fill up the font and study while we waited for it to fill up. We were studing and forgot that we left it on . We realized that it was still on because someone knocked on our door to tell us that there was water on the floor. We flooded part of the church. It took us forever to clean the church, but I learned from it.

The lessons are going great. I am getting to the point were I can say what I want and the investigators can understand me. The hardest thing for us with investigators is going to church. People work crazy hours here and never have a day off. One of our investigators works from 2 am to 12 pm everyday. So he is exhausted in the nights and has a hard time waking up for church on Sunday. Sometimes coffee is a hard thing but also the law of chastity is tough. Very few are married and nobody wants to get married. So that is tough to get them to change. Also the directions are horrible here. So most people will listen to us in the street, but they almost always give us fake addresses or fake numbers. It kills us. So we have been trying to change the ways we find new people. We have been using the members for references and having an English class at the church. Most people know some English but everyone wants to learn. Knowing English is the only way to get a good job. So we teach an English class on Friday nights for free. It is weird to teach English,  but the people like it a lot.

It is good to hear that everyone is doing well at home.  It is crazy to think that I have been here in Costa Rica for a month. I get updates on things in the world through members. Our bishop keeps me updated on sports. I can´t believe Norte Dame is in first - crazy. 

Things are great here. I enjoy being a missionary.  I am so glad that I decided to go on a mission. I have only started my mission and already have learned so much. The friendships that I have made here are great. I will have friends in two countries when I am done. 

I love you guys and miss you. Thanks for the presents. I havent gotten them yet because I havent needed to go to the Mission office.  I should be going there soon.  Kendal and Kylie,  keep working hard in school. Kendal work hard in that Spanish and Kylie in your school work too. Les amo and les extraño. Adios.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Elder Siddoway, Jasmin, Bismark, Elder K and ward mission leader

Hola - Semana 3


Hows it going? Things haven´t been too crazy this week. So I don´t have too many stories this week. I will for sure have more next week. But we are contuning to work hard and eat more rice and beans. I actually love the rice and beans here. They have something called gallo pinto. it is the famous dish here. It is really good. We found a great pizza place that sells a slice of pizza that is bigger than a Costco slice and a natural juice for 1,100 colones (about $2.20 in the US). Its really cheap and really good. So we will eat there a couple times during the week. 

Something funny this week was I learn that they dont flush the toliet paper here. I found this out the hard way. I tried to fix it but it wouldn´t work and my companion just laughed at me. I finally got it fixed and learned that they throw away the toliet paper not flush it. Because the sewage system isn´t very good. So that was an interesting experience.

On Friday, we woke up to find out that we were having a baptism that day. The Sister Missionaries called us to tell us that their investigator, Roy, was getting baptised that day. He was leaving the next day for Nicaragua and didn´t know when he was getting back. So he wanted to get baptized here. Friday was crazy getting ready for the baptisim. Roy had been one of Elder Siddoways investigators before the sisters came in and split the area. He had been investigating for a really long time and had a few challenges to overcome.  So we had his baptism on Friday and the confirmation too. It was my frist experience with a baptism here. It was a really cool experience. After the baptism, we took Roy and Bismarck to the temple. We took them on a tour and got to talk to the Temple president about the importance of temples. It was really neat and it was a great experience for both Roy and Bismarck. It's great that there is a temple so close to us here.

This Saturday we have two baptisms scheduled. One for Bismarck and one for Jazmin. We wanted to have Jazmin baptized last week but she didn´t feel ready yet so we are doing it this week. They both are really excited for their baptisms. We had a lesson with Jazmin the other day and Bismarck showed up at our lesson. He joined us and afterward I asked him what he was doing here. He just said he came by to help excite Jazmin for her baptism and invite her to church.  He is a missionary before he is even baptised. He is 28 yrs old so he can't go on a mission but it doesn´t bother him. He is always saying that his mission is here in Costa Rica. 

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas here. They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, so it is all Christmas. We went looking for a cheap Christmas tree but instead bought a papa pitufo pinata. I'll send you guys a picture. We may be going to a members house for Thanksgiving. We will find out here soon. But everything is going well. Hopefully you guys sent those packages through the postal service not fedex. The mission doesn´t want things sent through fedex. Because we have to go to the office to sign for it and it is too hard for everyone to go there to sign for packages. 

Besides that, everything is solo bueno. They have a lot of funny sayings here. The ticos are really relaxed and things that are really bad in other spanish countries aren´t bad here. They call every girl a "guila" and in Mexico that means prostitute. So it is funny to here moms call their girls "guilas". A lot of times to say "hi" they say "oop". 

Say "hi" Nana and Tata while you are there for Thanksgiving and also to the whole family. Les extrano and les amo mucho. Hope everything is well with them. And I miss tacos and Mexican food. The food here is really good but nothing compared to Mexican food. 

Love you guys and hope everything is good. Miss you guys a lot. Be safe and make sure to eat at someburros for me. Nos vemos!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Elder Siddoway, Bismark and Elder K

Ray, Elder Siddoway, Ward Missionary, Elder K

OUr Christmas piñata 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just visited a volcano

Hola familia,

Sorry I'm a little late today. We just got back from visiting a volcano. It was so cool. We went with a couple members and the sister missionaries in our ward. I took some pictures and will try to send them. Everything is going great here. I'm still eating rice and beans :-) . That butter stuff on the beans is natella. It is like a sour cream but way better. It is amazing on toast. We almost never cook. We went to pricesmart (the costco) last week and bought some cereal and pancake mix for breakfast and some snacks. Members always cook for us. One of my favorite places to eat is at the member's cafe.  Last week they gave us a plate of food with rice chicken, crab, oysters, shrimp and some other fish, it was so good. All the food is good. I haven´t eaten anything weird. I had liver the other day. It was ok. I just don´t ask what it is and eat it. The kids here love the smurfs but they aren´t called the smurfs. They are called los pitufos. It is so cool.

We average about 5 lessons a day if we plan right. We walk a ton but take a taxi and a bus when we can. But taxis are expensive. We had a cool experience with a bus this week. We got on a bus to head back to a lesson after teaching one to the members farthest away. The only problem was that the bus went right instead of left to head back. We never go the direction to the right, never. But we never had the thought of getting off. We didn´t want to walk so we hoped that the bus would turn around. Well it never did. We stayed on the bus to the last stop and had to get off. Well, there was a family on the bus that were laughing at us. It was pretty funny. So this family invited us to join them in their house while we waited for an hour for the next bus. While we waited, we taught them a lesson. They were great and totally open, it was really great. So we have an appointment to teach them again. The only issue is that it is a 30 min bus ride from our house. It is really far. 

Jazmin and Bismark are doing great. Both have a baptism date for the 24th of this month. We are so excited. Bismark is amazing. He has such a strong testimony. He asked me at church on Sunday if he could give his testimony during church. I told him he could during our Sunday school class for all the investigators. So he did and it was so powerful. He is an investigator of gold. He gets to church early to help us bring other investigators to church. He also shows up every morning at 6 am to play soccer with us at the church. We play soccer in the mornings for our exercise. We actually get a lot of people to play with us. People are always willing to play soccer here. Jazmin is great too.  And it is amazing to see how much she has progressed. 

We got this great reference this week from a member. His name is A---. He is 17 and never passed kindergarten. He can´t read and isn´t educated, and has Word of Wisdom problems. But he really wants to change, which is cool. He knows he has issues and has an amazing vision for his future. The only issues are he can´t read and needs work on the Word of Wisdom problems. So we are going to have to work with him a lot.  It is neat to see people who want to change. 

I can´t remember if I told you about O---. We met him one day while he was drunk in the street and he knew a lot about our church. It is obvious that he has a drinking problem. We found out that he had been taking the lessons from the missionaries some time ago because his mom wanted him to change his life. But his mom died while he was taking the lessons. So he went back to drinking and he became too dangerous to teach. So we ran into him on the street and tried to help him stop drinking. He has a great dream for his future but he is always drunk. Well, we hadn´t seen him for a while until yesterday. He looked completely different. He had shaven, got a haircut and had clean clothes. He had told us he hadn´t had a drink for 3 days. It was amazing to see him like this. We are hoping he continues on this path and are planning on teaching him too - if he keeps himself off the drink. It is amazing to see how people can change quickly. 

Everything is good. It poured rain the other day. It was crazy how much water was in the streets and on my clothes. Last night I woke up to a strong earthquake. They are pretty regular here and pretty strong too. My spanish is progressing. Everyone says I can speak well. I can speak enough to carry a conversation but still have a lot to learn. 

It sounds like everything is good at home. Ser and Estar is hard Kendal. But work hard and you will get it eventually. I still don't always get it. Kylie keep being Kylie. Good luck in soccer and school. Work hard. Love you guys and hope everything is going great. I miss you guys and pray for you guys every night. Keep me updated on things. Most people here tell us what goes on in America. It is pretty nice. Love you guys. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Lagoon near Volcano


Ward members and Elders and Sisters overlooking volcano 

Ward members with Elders and Sister missionaries on trail to volcano

Above lagoon with ward members and Sister Missionaries and my missionary companion
Me holding hands with a statue - I don't know what it is for...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Costa Rica - Semana 2

Hola Familia,

Things are crazy here and there is so much to say. I want to answer all your questions but it will be tough to get everything in. So I will tell my stories and hopefully I can answer some questions as things start to settle down. 

Things are great here. I love the people and the members here are great. Our bishop is amazing and he speaks great English and I really like him. He has only been a member for a little over a year, but investigated the church for 19 years. He is amazing and has huge plans for this ward. The ward averages about 110 people every Sunday - the ward covers two areas. The sisters have one part and we have a new part.  Almost all the members are in the sister's area. The members are always willing to help us with anything. They are always feeding us and helping us with references. Our rooms started to get really cold so some of the members gave us blankets to sleep with. Mine is a Spongebob blanket and my companions is Cars. Sleeping at night is so much better now. 

The members at times have a hard time saying my name so some figured that I look like Nicholas Cage. So they call me Elder Cage as a joke. They think it is hiliarious. They also think that I'm 25 years old. It is crazy when I tell them I just turned 19. One of the families here is really far into our area, and they own a cafe. So whenever we are tired from walking we go to the cafe and they give us free drinks and food. The cafe´s specialty is seafood, it is so good. They are a really active family and have 3 kids. 

I pretty much have a ton of "Moms" here. Between the members and the sister missionaries here, I am always taken care of. It is really nice. If we need anything, we just ask and someone will help us. 

We are teaching a couple of people right now. We have one that is supposed to be baptized this Saturday, but we may move it back because we still need to teach her some things. Her name is Jazmin and is 18 yrs old. She is a single mom with a 2 yr old daughter. She really likes the church and what it teaches. She is great and her daughter loves the church too. Another investigator we have is Bismark. He just moved here a couple weeks ago from Nicaragua. He is amazing. We have just been teaching him a little bit and already he has a huge testimony. On Saturday night, the ward had a farewell for a missionary in the ward. Everyone was able to say something to the missionary before he left. Well, Bismark came with us and just jokingly I asked him if he wanted to go up and say anything. He said he did. I was shocked and thought I said something wrong in Spanish. My comp said "Yes, you said the right thing". Bismark actually wanted to say something. So he went up and said "I don´t really know you but I know God has a purpose for you in your life and this mission will help you fullfill this purpose. You will change the lives of many and you will become a fisher of men." It was so powerful and everyome was silent. Afterwards the bishop came to us and asked "Who is this guy?" and we said he is an investigator. The spirit was so strong it was crazy. We are hoping to have a bapitsmal date here soon. Besides that, we are out contacting a lot. It is a new and large area, so we have to find people to teach. So a lot of walking and contacting. 

My legs are going to be huge by the end of my mission. There is so much walking and all of it is hills.  Every night I'm am just wiped out from the day. 

There are two big soccer teams here, La leaga and Surprisa. You are a fan of one of those teams and that's it. The two teams played last night and it was so crazy. Surprisa won so people were burning La leaga jerseys in the streets -  it was crazy. 

So Halloween kinda stunk. We had to be in the house by 5 pm on Halloween for safety reasons. They don´t celebrate Halloween here, but do celebrate "El dia de la bruja" - Day of the witch. It isn´t a big holiday like the states. So we were in our house and there was a earthquake. It's been a while since I felt a earthquake. It was pretty strong.  A member brought over pizza to us because we couldn´t leave our house that night. 

Weather here is hot and wet. It is either raining super, super hard or hot and humid. I am sweating a ton. I sold my little umberella to someone here for 5 mil. and then bought myself a larger one. It was a great buy. So thats pretty much the weather. 

My area is north west from San Jose. The big area is called Alajuela. I think that is how you spell it. It is like 30 miles from San Jose. It is a really nice area compared to others. So I got really lucky to start my mission here. 

Here is my address:
Elder Cameron Keysor
Misión San José Costa Rica
Apartado Postal 249-2010
San Jose, Costa Rica

I can only get packages and mail when I go to the office or at change meetings which are every 6 weeks. Use the post office and don´t use Fedex.  With Fedex I have to sign to receive it and I wont be there for that.

So that is everything. I have to find a better way to read your letters and answer your questions. Sorry. Hopefully I will figure it out soon. Hope everything is well back home. Love you guys and talk to you next week.  Today we are going to checkout Pricemart, it is like the Costco here. 

Elder Keysor

Typical Breakfast - Beans, tortillas, chocolate milk
Elder Siddoway and Elder K
Breakfast of Champions!!!

Elder K and Elder Siddoway Halloween night - we had to stay indoors after 5 PM

Monday, October 29, 2012

First Week in Costa Rica !!


There is so much that I want to tell you but I only have a small amount of time and I have to pay for the amount of time I am on the computer. I am emailing you guys from a Internet cafe in San Jose. But I first want to tell you that I love it here. It is beautiful here and so much fun. The people are amazing here. Everyone is so nice and they understand what I am trying to tell them in Spanish. It is great. They are amazed that I already know so much and I have only been here for a few days. I tried to read your letters you had sent me but I don´t have too much time and I know who guys want to hear how everything is going. So I will try to tell you guys everything. Sorry if I don´t say everything. There is so much to say in so little time. 

To start off, my mission pres is great. He is a great guy and his family is great too. He is really nice and during my interview he said he expects a lot from me because of baseball and that sports help people to focus on the little details. He also wants me to play catch with him and his son when I have time. The first day we stayed at the mission home and the following day I found out who my companion was. My companion is Elder Siddoway. It is funny because I had met him before the mission. He is really good friends with Mason ( BYU teammate) and he hung out with me and Mason at BYU. So it was really funny when our mission pres said we were companions. He is a gringo like me but knows a lot of Spanish and has been very successful in our area. So I am learning a lot about the language and how to teach. Plus it is fun because we knew each other before the mission. 

We live in a town called San Rafael. Our area is called Ojo de Agua. It is a area that has been growing a lot and because of that they recently split the area into two parts. So there are now sister missionaries that have one half and we have the other. The sister missionaries are great and hard workers. They are Sister Stone from Provo and Sister Villa from Mexico. Our half is pretty much a new area because there are only two members in our whole area. So we are pretty much opening a new area. It is hard and it is such a big area and we have to walk everywhere. It would take us about 2 hours to walk our area from one end to another. Plus it is all hills. So my legs are dead by the end of the day. Sometimes we will take the bus to get to places but we don't have a lot of money and it is more efficient to walk. We live in the back of a members house. It is nice because the member will usually make us breakfast in the morning. The only thing that is not great is that we sometimes don't have hot water to shower. They don´t have water heaters here. They just have electric wires that connect from the wall to the nozzle. So there is some technique to getting hot water. I didn´t know this until 3 days into my mission so I had to shower with ice cold water for the first 3 days. It was horrible. We also have a cook. Our cook is great. She cooks us lunch everyday and also washes our clothes twice a week. It is amazing. The food here is the same for every meal - rice and beans - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only difference is they will sometimes put eggs in the rice for breakfast. The juice is great here and everything is so sweet. I love it. We usually wont eat breakfast or dinner so we can keep working so I'm not getting too fat. But I still need to workout in the mornings.

The people are great here. Everyone is so nice. They are always willing to talk to us. The problem is that the directions are horrible here. The addresses for the houses go like this: 200 meters from the bar turn right then there will be a dead dog turn right go 50 m and there will be a fried chicken restaurant then go another 50 meters and turn left at the big tree and it is the green house on the left. It is almost impossible to find anything here. So finding investigators is really hard. But that is just how Costa Rica is. They also have funny ways to call people. They call their wife "gorda" and their girlfriends "gordita". And it is considered polite. It is so weird. A quick funny story is that one of our investigators gave me some cake after our visit and then we went to a members house. And I told them the I had "caca" in my backpack. Well "caca" translates to poop. I meant to say "queque" which means cake. So the member looked at me funny and my companion laughed at me. It was funny but they sound the same when spoken so I mixed them up. Oops, but oh well. 

My birthday on Friday was amazing. Our cook and the sister missionaries set up a small surprise party for me during lunch. It was really sweet. We had cake and everything. Everyone here thinks that I am 25 years old. Just because gringos are huge compared to Ticos (that is what someone from Costa Rica is called). So they were really surprised to hear that I'm only 19. The rest of the day was a lot of walking and teaching. But at night, I opened up my packages you guys sent me which was really nice. I cried when I read all those letters from family and friends. Thank you so much. I wish I could tell everyone individually thank you. It was the best birthday ever. Thank you so much for making my birthday so special.  Besides that, my birthday was great. Thanks again for making it so special. I also wrote a letter to Nana for her birthday so I will be sending it soon. 

The kids here just play soccer, it is huge. For mutual the ward just plays soccer. It is great because the church has a huge field that everyone can play on. There are a few kids that live next to us that play baseball everyday. They play with rocks as bases and they carved a bat out of a stick and use a stress ball as a baseball. It was cool cause they asked us to play with them the other day. So we played for a few minutes and now they want to play with us everyday. Their parents are cool about it to. So we are going to try and teach their family as well. The members are great and always willing to help the missionaries. We are always teaching lessons with the members. That is the goal in this area, it is to get the members involved. 

I don't know what else to say. I hope that is enough for now. I will try to send some photos. Love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Hope everything is great. And go Giants! That is so cool that they won. The bishop here told me about it. He speaks pretty good English.  Well adios or as they say here - "Pura Vida"

Love ya,
Elder Keysor

My group first day in Costa Rica at Costa Rica Temple

Me and the Mission President and his wife ( President and Sister Wilkinson)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Final Days in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) - Leaving for Costa Rica

Hola Mi Familia,

How's it going? I can't believe I am already going to be leaving the MTC. It seems like just yesterday when you guys dropped me off here. I like being a host for the new missionaries. I was able to host again this week. It is fun but it is also really sad to see people saying goodbye. I hate seeing the families cry, especially the moms. I have to be the "bad guy" too and tell them that they need to stop and leave their son. It is really hard to do and I hate it. Besides that this week has been great. 

Things have been crazy trying to prepare to leave. I am buying all the stuff I need and going to start packing today. Elder Pace and Elder Hampton are both on my flight. It is going to be fun and I dont think I am going to be able to sleep. Vamos a ver. The Spanish is coming along great. It isn't perfect, but it I know enough to survive in the mission. I am finishing teaching all our investigators here. I am going to send you guys pictures and one of them will be with one of my investigators. 

I met another baseball player this week. I was hosting a new missionary and someone came up to me and asked me if I played for BYU. He happened to play for UVU. His name was Elder Moon, I think. But it was cool talking to him about baseball. Also, one of my friends here at the MTC knows Travis Selland. He was talking about this great missionary he had back home and he kept saying Elder Selland. So I asked him if it was Travis and he said it was. The missionary's name is Elder Cameron Johnston. He only had great things to say about Travis and said that he was a great example of what a missionary should be like. So I thought that was cool and maybe you guys could tell the Selland family. 

So the service people here must hate me, want to humble me or just want me to do gross service. I have had to clean toilets twice and clean drains twice. In the MTC, I thought toilets was bad especially with what the food does to peoples stomaches here. But drains is by far the worst. I almost puked. We have to clean out the drains in all the showers. We have to go and scrub out all the hair and junk in the drains with a toothbrush and then pull out the rest with our hands. You wouldn't think it is that bad because Elders have to have short hair. But it is really gross. There is so much hair. I don't know where it comes from. The worst part is that you smell like moldy hair all day long. So yeah, I have had to clean poop off of toilet seats and hair out of drains. It is really gross.

It sounds like everyone is doing great at home. I am going to miss Halloween. You guys need to send me a picture of the graveyard. I see that Kendal and Kylie are doing well in school. Kendal please send me stuff in Spanish. I know it is hard but it is a great way to practice. Kylie don't kill anyone in soccer. I saw those pictures and it looks a little rough. Just have fun. By the way I didn't understand Kylie's joke. And I can't believe you didn't think my fish joke was funny. You guys are total "gringos". But the Mexican joke is great. It is one of my favorites. I got your package with the PEZ and birthday present. I love the PEZ dispenser and it is so cool that it glows in the dark. Don't worry I haven't opened the birthday present yet. I can't believe you guys watched the Katy Perry movie without me. I love that movie :-). I'm going to have to watch it when I get back from my mission. The only movies we watch during our free time are mormon messages and whatever is on They have some good stuff. When you have time watch the Phone Call. It is a featured film on It is amazing. It doesn't relate much to missionary work but it was a funny movie. It is everyones favorite movie here and one that every missionary needs to watch sometime in the MTC. Dad, you should show it next time you teach seminary. 

I am jealous of Chase Miller. That is going to be crazy and an amazing experience.  Elder Lewis and I were talking the other day about how lucky he is. This week we had Elder Shayne M Bowen of the 70 speak to us. He spoke in conference. He was really good and talked about the importance of planning, finding, and staying obedient. Also he talked about how the mission doesn't end after 2 years. It is a lifetime thing. It was really good. It is cool to here these people talk in person. 

I'm glad Porter reached you. I ran into him the other day. I am glad that you guys got his message. I should be fine with everything else. I am probably going to need more money after tomorrow. Just check it. I have to get a haircut later today - sorry mom, it is a requirement before I leave. I am planning on calling home in Salt Lake and again in Georgia. So heads up with that. I will send my SD card home later today. So be looking for that also. Besides that I should be good.

It is crazy to see everyone leaving. Two people from our district already left for Chile. An Elder left this week for Tempe, AZ. I gave him Nana and Tata's address. I felt like it was the right thing to do. So we will see if he actually visits them. I just hope that Nana and Tata will open the door for them because I am doing the same thing in Costa Rica. Besides that it seems like saying goodbye for school again. It is sad but everyone knows that it is for a good thing. 

Next time I talk to you guys I will be in an airport heading to Costa Rica!!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. But I know that I am doing the right thing and the Lord will bless me for that. I miss you guys and love you too. ADIOS!!!!

Les amo,
Elder Keysor

Some friends I have made here.  from left to right: Elder Smith (going to Tuscon, AZ) Elder Bird (going to Chile) Elder Willis (going to Nicaragua) Elder Hampton ( My Comp)  Me,  Elder Newman (going to Fort Worth, TX) Elder Johnston (going to Chile, also the one that knows Travis) Elder Brown (going to Chile, military guy who makes me work out.

My roommates.   They just left to Peru MTC. They are going to Bolivia. Elder Knight and Elder Merrill with Elder Hampton and Me.
Elder Rice ( going to Mexico, knows Brooke Hamilton), Me,  Elder Murphey (Tempe AZ gave him Nana and tata's address) and Elder Newman (Fort Worth TX) 
My district again with one of our teachers

This is our practice investigator Jorge. He is from Mexico. He really isn't an investigator. He is an "actor" so his job to to pretend to be an investigator. He is really good at his job.  We work with him over the weeks we are here in the MTC.  

 I don't know if you can tell, but this is my first attempt at sewing. The hem came out so I tried to fix it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hola - Semana 8 - One Week to Go!

Hola familia,

Sorry I didn't send you guys an email yesterday. They changed our schedule this week and I didn't know about it until Thursday. So I wasn't able to email you guys to tell you. Hopefully you didn't freak out. We had an "Infield Orientation" yesterday so we have our P-day today instead. Next week will be regular schedule so I will email on Friday. 

This week has been crazy. It all started with Conference last weekend. I sent you guys a letter in the mail about it on Saturday. It sounds like you havent gotten it yet or I sent it wrong,  I dont know. But I will give you a summary of what happened in the letter. Conference was crazy and one of the best experiences here in the MTC. When the announcement was made about missionary work, everyone started cheering. You would have thought BYU won the BCS Championship. It was crazy!!! Everyone is so excited about this change and they are already talking about the changes it will have on the MTC. I think it is a great decision and especially a great one for the sisters. I think they will have a lot more immature elders though. But it is the Lords work and I'm pretty sure he wont make any mistakes in his work. Conference was great. It was the first time I was able to stay awake the whole time. I think it was because I was in the MTC. All the talks were great. They all seemed to have something that I could learn from them. My favorites would have to be Elder Holland and Elder Robert C Gay. They were very interesting to me. After conference, we had a Sunday night devotional. I didn't think it could get any better after conference but Chad Lewis, the Mormon NFL player from the Phildelphia Eagles spoke. It was amazing!! It was amazing to here how his mission affected his life. He had great stories. He told us that Troy Palumaleu from the Steelers has a younger brother on a mission right now. I was totally shocked by this. He also said that Troy is totally supportive and thinks it is a great thing that his brother is doing. It was cool to hear how professional athletes are really supportive of missionary work and think it is a great thing. It got me really excited for the field. 

Well that was just the weekend. For our Tuesday night devotional we had an amazing speaker. Elder David A Bednar came and spoke. Everyone was so excited and he gave a great talk. He didn't really give a talk but gave more of a workshop. He taught us how he studies talks from conference. It was amazing to hear how an apostle of God studies religious things. He taught us to look for 3 things - the doctrine, the invitation, and the blessings. The doctrine is what is being taught. The Invitation is what the apostles or prophet is inviting us to do and how can we do this in our own lives. The blessings are what can we receive from this. It was great and very simple to understand. It is definitely something I am going to do in my studies. It was just amazing to see an apostle speak in person and learn something from him,  it was incredible. He also talked about the new mission rules. He said that said that D&C 88:73 (i think) is the reason why they did it. He also said that with this decision, it is our responsability to rise up as missionaries. There is a huge emphasis on missionary work and we are the new generation of missionaries. It was amazing to hear him talk about the importance we have as missionaries during these days. 

I was also a host this week for new missionaries and my companion and I were selected to be example missionaries to help demonstrate how to teach investigators. There were 6 companionships choosen out of the whole MTC and we were one of them. It was a great experience and in that experience we got to meet some of the missionaries from those District videos we had to watch before our missions. It was great talking to them and they gave great advice and helpful comments for us on our missions. Infield Orientation was fun and they just did different workshops to help us get prepared for the field. It was all day from 8:15 am to 9:15 pm. It was long, but a lot of fun.

I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!! I leave on Oct 22 at 12:55 am. It is crazy. I took pictures of the plans and I will send them to you. The only issue is that I can't email you until next Friday if I need anything. Can you ask Porter what classroom he teaches in? That way if I need something I can tell him instead of waiting to see him. Let me know so that I can tell you guys what I need before I leave. That is, if I need anything. 

So Kylie and Kendal are great. Happy Birthday Kylie. I wish I could have been there with you guys. I wanted to see that movie that Kylie and her friends went to see. Kendal continua practicando espanol. Espanol es una idioma muy bonita. Trabaja dura para aprender espanol. Habla con Nana y Tata en enspanol y su maestra. Ella puede ayudarle. Dont get discouraged when you struggle in Spanish. Imagine being a missionary here on your first day and not knowing any Spanish at all. You walk in and your teacher is only speaking Spanish. It is scary and a lot of missionaries have a hard time with it. You get to learn Spanish at a younger age and at a lot slower pace. People need to learn Spanish here in 9 weeks or else they are going to struggle in the field. Just work hard and pray. The gift of tongues is real. How do you think missionaries are able to learn a new language. They pray at least 20 times a day for the gift of tongues. Work hard and pray the Lord will bless you with a way to help you understand.  

So that joke I sent is a joke that only works in Spanish.You couldn't figure it out because you had Sam help you. Just kidding. Tell her "Hi" and don't do anything stupid and stay away from boys. That goes for you too Kendal.  I'll repeat the joke and give your the exact translation of the question in English. "Que hace el pez cuando esta aburrido?" I added some to the joke to help you guys translate in better. The translation is: what does the fish do when it is bored?" The answer is "NADA" If you still can't figure it out, you guys are ridiculous. Tell Kendal's teacher the joke. I can guarantee you that she will find it funny. The joke only works in Spanish not  at all in English. Bueno suerte! I have another joke for you guys. This one is in English. "What do you call a mexican baptism? ................ "A bean dip" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. It is one of my favorite jokes here at the MTC. It is pretty racist though. 

Well my time is up. My time here at the MTC is almost up too. I leave next Sunday!! I love you guys a lot and miss you everyday. But I cant wait to go out to Costa Rica. I'm so excited. Thank you for all the support you guys give me. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone else is doing great. I miss everyone but the people here are great. I have made some many friends here. It is amazing. They are all great and are friendships that will last after the mission too. Thanks again for everything you do for me. Love you guys.

Elder Keysor

Elders Lewis, Woodland and Keysor - All grew up in Danville 1st ward

One of the Missionaries on our floor got a pumpkin to carve.

Carving the pumpkin